How to Set Up Ecommerce on WordPress and WooCommerce

How to Set Up Ecommerce on WordPress and WooCommerce

In this tutorial I will show you how to set up e-commerce on WordPress and WooCommerce, one of the best platforms to start selling products online, and best of all, the software is free.

Setup eCommerce on WordPress using WooCommerce

If you don’t have a WordPress website, you can start by reading my article How to Start a Blog with WordPress

  • Log into your WordPress installation
  • Go to Plugins
  • Add New Plugin

Add New Plugin

  • Search for WooCommerce
  • Press Install Now

Install WooCommerce

  • Press Activate

Activate WooCommerce

Once installed, click on WooCommerce on your left menu bar. At this point you will see some alerts at the top of your screen, one of them being “Run the Setup Wizard“.

Start WooCommerce Setup Wizard

You will now go through the steps of the wizard, answering each step according to how you will run your business.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard - Details

Here are some tips to remember.

  • If you don’t have a credit card merchant account setup with your bank, I highly recommend setting one up using Stripe.

I will write a detailed article about how to set up a Stripe account and how to accept credit card payments soon..

  • So you can test your store, select Cash on Delivery as a payment options so you can do a few test transactions and make sure everything is working properly.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard - Payments

  • Don’t worry too much about the setup of Shipping at this point, you can do that later after the wizard is over. If you are selling to only your own country, then deselect Locations not covered by your other zones.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard - Shipping

  • Deselect Automated Taxes and MailChimp. You can always install these things later. Deselect Storefront Theme if you already have your theme set up. If not, leave selected for a new store.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard - Recommended

  • Skip the Jetpack installation for now

WooCommerce Setup Wizard - Jetpack Installation

Finished ! At this point you can either go back to the Dashboard, or start adding your first products.

Coming Soon. I will write a detailed article on how to setup your WooCommerce products. This is the most time-consuming part of setting up eCommerce on WordPress and beyond this article.

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